A Few Words From Sue Crabtree

December 11, 2013 by Freeanons

anonymous_television_freeanonsDue to the increase in support we have received over the last 2 years, FreeAnons is making some changes. When FreeAnons began, it was a small group of people, typically found in IRC channels sharing and tracking information regarding Anon related arrests. Now, two years later, the support has spread to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other outlets. We have worked tirelessly to share information and support our arrested Anons. We have organized letter writing events, book events, media events and rallies to support those Anons who have been fighting the laws of the police state.

We have also financially assisted many anons who are facing indictment or have been indicted. Our fundraising campaigns have provided commissary support for those that have been jailed and support for others who have been arrested and that arrest has resulted in a job loss or other change to their financial status. FreeAnons has worked to do what we can to keep arrested Anons out of jail as in the case of Lulzcart who was arrested and charged with hacking Romanian websites. Due to our efforts, he was able to pay his fines and received probation only in his country.

This was not the effort of just a few but the efforts of many. With that in mind, we have decided to form an Advisory Committee. Our Advisory Committee will serve as a way to support Anons and to meet the need for transparency at a level we are able while protecting the anonymity of those we work for when necessary. This committee will be made up of activists, lawyers, writers and others who have been so supportive of our cause for the last 2 years. We believe that this will strengthen our community and provide more support for our jailed and arrested Anons while also providing a level of safety with regards to donations being made in the future. The Advisory board will act in several capacities, one being oversight for our donations. The Advisory board will also be given a copy of our bank statement for their review.

Please try to keep in mind the situations of those we fight so hard for. Many are concerned about the legal issues and choose not to have their information made public. Given the whole idea of Anonymous, this should not be a shock to anyone. Many come to FreeAnons to speak with our lawyer when they know an indictment is forthcoming and they are in need of legal advice. Understanding Attorney/client privilege, this kind of information can never be made public and our lawyer will work to locate legal assistance for these individuals while maintaining their anonymity. If our organization were not to maintain some level of anonymity, a trust level could also not be maintained.

So with all of this in mind, we have many great changes in the works and if you would like to take part in supporting FreeAnons on a different level than you currently are supporting, please reach out to us with your ideas as we would love to hear from you. You can also visit FreeAnons.org for notices and updates regarding these changes.