What is #Donation11?

August 30, 2015 by Freeanons

What is #Donation11?

The #Donation11 Campaign is a campaign initiated by Kitty Hundal and developed by Raymond Johansen to encourage artists to donate 11% of their artistically-earned incomes to social causes.

Why 11%? Kitty wanted a number that would be significant in some way. Memorable. 10% is the standard that most sponsorships like this will pay out, but that’s also the amount of tithe that the religious pay, so that number has a history and an association. Kitty is an atheist, free-thinker, and supporter of Anonymous, so she and Raymond agreed that 10% wouldn’t be an appropriate number.

In 2011, there was a campaign to help Anons covertly identify one another, by setting their watch alarms to 11:11. If two people heard their alarms go off at the same time they would be able to identify each other as Anons. It didn’t really take off in any significant way but somehow the number and the association seemed appropriate.

Anonymous Project Mayhem 2012: #OpRealityHacking 

So they went with 11%.

The #Donation11 campaign is just starting.

Kitty Hundal initiated the project by contributing 11% of the proceeds of sales of her book, From the Shadows, Persecution Games available on Lulu.com  and soon to be available on other sites. Kitty is restricting contributions to proceeds from Lulu.com because she wants to encourage people to purchase from smaller publishing sites that don’t gouge the artists and take ridiculous percentages of the proceeds.

Kitty Hundal will be first contributing her share to the Courage Foundation, and later, to FreeAnons.

Alex Freeman has come on board and is contributing 11% of the proceeds of sale of his book, Bold New World: The Coffee House Notebooks, available on Smashwords and other sites.

Alex Freeman is contributing his proceeds to FreeAnons.

Sue Crabtree  joined #Donation11 by purchasing copies of Alex Freeman’s book to give to friends as gifts, another beautiful idea and one that we encourage people to take up as well.

Raymond Johansem contributes a minimum of 11% regularly to various causes supporting the fallen in particular and did so even before #Donation11. He is now contributing as part of #Donation11.  Raymond is a strong supporter of all arrested and persecuted Anons and was recently seen being flogged in the UK in support of jailed blogger Raif Badawi.

The motivation behind this campaign, and the social causes those involved with #Donation11 have elected to support, is that it’s critically important at this time, that the entire “We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers” infrastructure be built and stabilized. Everyone involved in #Donation11 have donated their time and talents to assist others. It is with great hope that many will step forward and utilize their abilities to assist groups in need of support.

Together, we are the hope that will end the suffering that we are forced to witness every day.  Find a cause, put your talents to great use and consider becoming part of #Donation11.  All are encouraged to participate.  Please reach out to those who are participating and join us in this worldwide event.  You can find us on Twitter:





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Submitted by Kitty Hundal