Welcome home Stanley Cohen

April 9, 2019 by lulzcart

Welcome home Stanley Cohen

Dearest Stanley, We have been impatiently waiting for the day that we are able to enjoy your company once again.  We have read all of your articles and shared them to inspire others.  Your return home to those who have missed and loved you is a day of celebration.  Twitter has been a quiet place during your absence.

We know you have lost ones that you love during your time in the prison system and we have done our best to show them love and kindness in the hopes that we can follow your lead and display the strength that you have shown during the time that the Bureau of Prisons felt they needed a bit of your time and award winning personality. But it’s time to come home now Stanley and so many are here waiting for you.  It’s time to return the Political Prisoners to the ones that need them.  Freeanons has been honored to be able to interact with you and to ensure that your needs are met (As much as a prison system will meet the needs of anyone we suppose).

It is with great pride and love that we send our welcome home wishes to you.  Your strength brings courage to many.  Your heart helps us to realize that this world is about the ability to assist others before oneself.   We had a dream while you were away, Stanley.  Owen was looking down on  as you slept in your bunk during a restless night sleep.  He was there to remind you that he is never far away from you.  He reminded us about the true love and respect he had for you.  He told us to be patient and that soon Stanley would be back with the ones that love him.  Well, it’s time, Mr. Big Mouth…Time to bring it on home and make the world a better place.


With much love from Freeanons to you.