Welcome home Barrett Brown

April 9, 2019 by lulzcart

Welcome home Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown is free!  Finally, and upon release our friend wasted no time making his way to the nearest McDonald’s to take in the (apparently) missed delight of a greasy breakfast. More than 4 years of questionable confinement for a crime you didn’t commit, and being convicted of multiple, seemingly made-up-on-the-spot charges, can make a fella hungry.

Barrett was released, early and with conditions, after serving much of his nearly 5 year sentence in Three Rivers federal correctional institution in San Antonio with good behavior. Freeanons and all of AnonOps would like to extend our support, as well as the finest chefs The Internet Hate Machine can manage to our friend. Consequently, we’d also like to remind our readers and supporters of the near $900,000 dollar restitution Barrett is ordered to pay. The required $200.00 monthly installments are to Stratfor, the intelligence firm he accused of significant corruption during his #ProjectPM investigation.

For those who aren’t aware, Barrett was arrested in 2012, following a raid executed on his Mother’s home.  One of his convictions (Interference of a search warrant) stemmed from this raid when he attempted to hide a laptop in a kitchen cupboard, from authorities. 11 other charges were included in his subsequent indictment, the most ridiculous involving his copying a link from one public channel to another on AnonOps IRC. The link contained the credit card data of a massive cyber-attack upon Stratfor, an attack Barrett had nothing to do with, but is nonetheless being held financially accountable for.  In the end, Barrett bowed his head and took one for the team, quite literally when he plead guilty to the previously mentioned charge, as well as transmitting a threat in interstate commerce, and being an accessory after the fact in the unauthorized access to a protected computer.

The now released, award winning, McMuffin lovin’ journalist managed to keep himself (and the rest of us) well entertained during his incarceration. You can find his full commentary at the following link, where his musings were published via The Intercept

To assist in Barrett’s legal fees and outrageous restitution, please visit:
https://freebarrettbrown.org/project-pm/  All contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Welcome home, Barrett. We hope you’re enjoying #BathtubsForBarrett as much as we are!

“We are Freeanons and we will not rest until all anons are free”