Thanks for Recent Support and Updates on Cases

May 21, 2013 by Freeanons

Freeanons has received much support of late, which we deeply appreciate.
It comes on the heels of Lulzsec sentences in the U.K., handed down this past Thursday. We have been following these cases closely, as well as Jeremy’s Hammond’s related case in the Southern District of New York. Ryan Ackroyd was sentenced to a 30 month sentence of which he is expected to serve 15 months. Jake Davis, 20, was sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility. Mustafa Bassam received a 20 month sentence which was suspended for two years, as well as 300 hours of community service. In the meantime, Jeremy still waits for trial. He has now been incarcerated for 14 months, having been denied bail on exceedingly spurious grounds.

This past week we have seen Anonymous arrests in Italy, as well. We urge support for these Anons. We have also been reminded that there are two sets of pending cases in Spain, one from 2011, which can be read about here, and another from 2012 related to Operation Unmask. Freeanons.Org operates with the help of a very dedicated core group of activists and channel administrators, some of whom have been in our channel day and night for well over a year. While we try to support every arrested Anon, there are many, many Anons who now face persecution from their governments. Our support system works best when an indicted or jailed Anon, or group of Anons, has a focused support group dedicated to raising money and awareness to his or their particular cause. That is why Jeremy Hammond and Barret Brown’s cases have remained in the public eye. Our goal at Freeanons.Org now is support this kind of localized effort, and offer advice, when needed, as to setting up donation sites and media campaigns run by the arrested Anon’s friends, family, or community, as well as to give money and promote media for Anons in cases where this is not possible. So we encourage people to form these localized support groups for cases across the globe, and contact us for any help needed in the effort. We want to promote these individual efforts.

Whether a donation is one dollar or a thousand dollars, we are heartened equally by both the effort, and the words, like these, that have accompanied the donations since our inception:

bonne chance à tous…que le cosmos soit avec vous…

This is a thank you to the brave people who have taken a stand on behalf of Americans and world citizens, alike. May your struggle right now not be in vain. But know it does not go unappreciated.

Solidarity from xxxxxxxx, KY!

This money is intended to help Eric Rosol. We do not forget.

Finally way to help as I am a mom and grandmother that is not computer savvy but I do know how to click the confirm button! I will also be visiting the store. Keep up the amazing work! You’re are only hope!!

Your work is truly appreciated. Only wish I could do more to help. It may not be much but I hope is usefull to you. Thank you for your courage and guidance in opening our eyes to so much uglyness. I will donate as I’m able. Rest assure is from my heart. United we will become stronger.

Solidarity, bros

Please use this donation however you think is best. I understand all dont have a support network so use it where needed. Thanks


Hope togethter we can free anons much love!

I wish I could do more. I will be back to donate again when possible.

keep up teh good find #DDG

“Legion: For we are many.”

good luck with this. Wish I could give more. xox

this time, for LulzCart, pl0x

Money for Lulzcart to get to court

God Speed Brothers and Sisters

I wish it could have been more, but I’m lucky to be able to do this. We have to protect each other.

Thanks ya’ll.

Keep up the great work! Thank you! Anonymous- Holder can kiss our Yankee arses!

Good luck :)


You guys have my support, I know it’s not much but hopefully everything counts. Wish I could do more for you guys, keep doing what you’re doing!

Bless them

Its not much but i wanted to give something. anonymous is the voice of the people you are me,her,him,we are legion we are everyone, THANKYOU to those who fight.thank you to those who disobey. keep on, keeping on…

This is just some of the correspondence and well-wishes we’ve received over the past long and difficult months, and it’s these words, finally, that keep us going. Thank you all.