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Our 2012 1120 tax form was filed on September 15, 2013. We had an extension within which to file. The following are our sworn figures to the IRS. These figures are taken directly from our 2012 1120, and declared under penalty of perjury as true to the IRS, and if they are incorrect, could incur prosecution: 2012 Gross receipts or sales: $5868.13 This represents all income, from any source, including donations, cds, and income from MyAnonStore.

We call ourselves FreeAnons and our intentions are as clear as our name. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network and we will not rest until all Anons, everywhere, have been freed. Numerous fundraisers are being organized and require as much attention as the latest trend on Twitter. We ask only that you consider supporting those whom now fight for their own freedoms.