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The Children of Oslo

This just in from Stanley Cohen – powerful, poignant – Stanley at his best. Please share widely – Up the Rebels and Bless the Resistance!

What is #Donation11?

The #Donation11 Campaign is a campaign initiated by Kitty Hundal and developed by Raymond Johansen to encourage artists to donate 11% of their artistically-earned incomes to social causes.

T-Shirt Campaign to Assist Lorax Defense Fund

Freeanons has produced t-shirts and hoodies to assist Lorax with his legal defense fund.  These are great shirts and hoodies and the proceeds from this campaign will be sent to the defense fund of Lorax.  Please consider picking up a great t-shirt or hoodie and helping the host of LoraxLive from Anonops Radio.  Below are the links to all of the shirts that are ready for your purchase.  This campaign ends soon so grab a shirt and show some love.