Speakers, Livestream Link for Hammond Support Rally, Feb. 21

February 19, 2013 by Freeanons


Revolution News has published an urgent call to action, regarding the rally for support to be held at Foley Square on February 21st, the day Judge Loretta Preska considers a Motion to Recuse herself for bias in Jeremy’s case. The full press release is here. Revolution News will be updating the page as new information becomes available before and after the hearing. The event page is here, hosted by Jeremy’s amazing supporters at Free Jeremy Hammond Support Network.

The Pella Report will be live streaming video, here.

The Network has managed to gather an impressive list of speakers and media support.
Here is the lineup: Jeremy Hammond Courthouse Support Rally, this coming Thursday at 9:30am, Feb. 21st, Foley Sq. NYC.

- Jason Hammond, Jeremy’s twin brother.

- Alexa O’Brien, founder of the US Day of Rage and exceptional journalist covering the Wikileaks Gitmo files and trial of Bradley Manning.

- Heidi Boghosian, the Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild.

- Micheal Ratner, the President of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

- Andrew Blake, from the news agency RT will be there to report on the days events.