Please help Anthrophobic’s Donation Campaign

January 26, 2014 by Freeanons

Christopher Wayne Cooper of the PayPal14 has a WePay fund set up to help him collect donations, so he can ease the overall burden placed on him by the PayPal prosecution, which took three years of the defendants’ lives. The fund helps him pay state fines, and furthers him along the path of putting this prosecution behind him. Please donate if you can, or spread the message on social media.

“Chris will successfully complete his Alabama probation as soon as he finishes paying off restitution and fines in full. $1,434.00 is left to pay and the goal is to get that paid off by February 2014 when his probation would otherwise terminate successfully. Chris has made payments whenever his sporadic income as a cook and computer-fix it guy permits. The sooner he pays it off, the better his chances are of not being revoked in Alabama for the good decisions he made to accept responsibility in his federal ‘Anonymous’ PayPal. Each and every donation, regardless of amount is a great help and inspiration to Chris! Thanks a ton!”
And please follow him on Twitter @Anthrophobic