Matt DeHart Rally in Toronto August 16 2pm est

August 13, 2014 by Freeanons

Matt DeHart Rally in Toronto August 16 2pm est

The following message has been provided to us by the #FreeMattDehart team:

A support rally for Matt Dehart will take place in Toronto, ON in front of the United States Consulate General(360 University Ave) at 2pm est on August 16. Our goal is to have another demo outside of the courthouse on August.20th.  A worldwide show of solidarity with Matt in your community at the same time as the Toronto rally would be outstanding.

Emergency Day of Action:

Take to the streets in your city to show your solidarity with Matt DeHart! We are outraged by his torture and false charges by the U.S. government and the secrecy that surrounds this case. We demand that the FBI and United States government be held legally accountable for their actions. We also demand that the Canadian government say “no” to Matt’s extradition and grant him asylum in Canada. It is crucial that these demands be heard before Matt’s refugee hearing on August 20th.


Matt DeHart is a 30 year-old hacktivist and former soldier from the U.S. who is currently jailed in Lindsay, ON.  Matt was tortured by the FBI in August, 2010 while being interrogated about his alleged connections to Anonymous, Wikileaks, and a Russian spy ring as part of a national security investigation. Matt went to Canada seeking asylum in April, 2013 but due to false charges in the U.S., obtaining asylum has been a difficult process. He is being held at Maplehurst Correctional Facility while he awaits his legal fate, which could include extradition to the U.S. to continue what Matt describes as physical and emotional torture. This is unacceptable and illegal.

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Information on Matt, his life, his family, his involvement in Anonymous and information regarding his arrest:

Matt DeHart is a 30 year-old former soldier from the U.S. who is currently jailed in Milton, ON after travelling to Canada seeking asylum as a refugee and torture victim.  He grew up in Newburgh, Indiana with his parents, Paul and Leann, both military retirees.

From an early age, Matt had an interest in computer security, internet freedom, and hacktivism.  He spent much of his time online, participating in various cyber-shenanigans including an Anonymous Anti-Security chat he ran with friends on a secret server through Tor which he called “The Shell” (this is separate from AntiSec) as well as his own project, “Kaos Anti-Security Operations Syndicate” in the early 2000’s.  Matt also claims that he participated in Project Chanology back in 2008 under the names K, Kaiser,  Koenig and KMFDMK.

Let’s get this out of the way…child porn, WTF?!

Yes, Matt is charged with soliciting child porn in the U.S. however, there is absolutely no evidence to support this accusation. In fact all of the evidence so far points to this charge being 100% fabricated in order to meet the FBI’s desire for secrecy around this case in addition to stigmatizing Matt. A common tactic used by the state and law enforcement is to destroy someone’s reputation by slapping a bullshit charge on them to make them look like a monster.  Utilizing the child predator tag, law enforcement can basically control the entire investigative and legal process while violating the basic rights of innocent people. While accusations of sexual violence should always be taken seriously, it is crucial that we do not fall into the habit of non-questioning and where everyone who is accused is automatically guilty before their guilt is proven…it is not only dangerous to those people, but it is insulting to actual survivors of sexual violence.

  • The only “child porn” found throughout the investigation was on the computer of Matt’s alleged “victim”, who the National Post calls “Carl”
  • Matt is accused of pretending to be teen girls interested in the “victim”, but there is no connection to be found
  • Police edited chat transcripts between Matt and “Carl”, and at a recent hearing with the Immigration and Refugee Board in Toronto.  Matt and his lawyer presented the real chat log (a non-sexual convo supposedly between Matt and a female friend of Carl’s with reference to Anonymous) and provided by a mutual acquaintance of Matt and Carl and these facts were confirmed by police.
  • Matt claims that if he is allegedly involved in that chat, someone must have been pretending to be him because at the exact date and time of the chat log, Matt was training at his military base.
  • Det. Kniss, who initially led the investigation, is no longer with the Franklin Police Department…coincidence?
  • Even “Carl”‘s mother’s testimony mentions nothing to do with child pornography or even the concern of inappropriate contact in any way…only his “domineering tone” in World of Warcraft.
  • Judge Trauger: “I have learned several aspects of this case which, in the court’s mind, indicate the weight of the evidence is not as firm as I thought it was.”
  • First Appearance, Judge Margaret Kravchuk:  “Doesn’t it strike you as odd that a year goes by without anything happening in this case, and there’s no apparent danger to the community, and then the search warrant’s executed on Matt’s home six, seven, eight months ago now and nothing dangerous happens to the community?”
  • Also concerning about first appearance: The court docket listed Matt’s arrest 2 days after the actual date of arrest (Aug.6th).  Matt’s computers still had not been analyzed for evidence months after the house raid and the FBI had JUST drafted a criminal complaint against Matt when he was arrested (even though the supposed porn allegation is from 2008 in Tennessee).

OF NOTE: Operation Flicker was real and shows that the FBI was planting CP on computers in a Sting. This happened to Autistic Youth Andrew Rose
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has, for two years, been involved in embedding child pornography images and gif files within average files shared by servers sanctioned by the FBI as evidenced by Operation Flicker ICE Special Training notice 2013:

So there is precedent for FBI and ICE planting CP.

General Outline of Matt’s Legal Situation:

  • After an 8 month long investigation by Canada’s National Post, the story makes reference to the “drop dead” spy technique; documents are placed on a hidden server while the recipient of those documents is told where to download it, allowing information to be passed without contact. Matt believes this is what happened on “The Shell”.   According to Matt, he found a zip file on his server that turned out to be a secret FBI document regarding an investigation into the CIA’s practices. He deleted it, but found an encrypted version on another hidden server and believed it was meant for Wikileaks.
  • Jan. 2010: Shut down “The Shell” and destroys the hard drives after a friend is allegedly visited by the FBI asking about the server.
  • Matt: “It’s not because you’re paranoid, it’s because you know what the United States government can do and having any affiliation, any peripheral involvement in Wikileaks in any way, shape, or form, makes you a target.”
  • House raided by cops + FBI and all digital data items taken…except two Ironkey USB thumb drives that were hidden. The search warrant was for child pornography, but Matt said he knew that this was really a national security investigation and the child porn charges are a cover up. There is legal evidence to support this claim…one piece of evidence and nothing happened after the raid.  There were no charges for months but the case remained open and none of Matt’s equipment was returned which prevented him from seeking employment.
  • At this point Matt no longer felt safe in the U.S. so out of desperation he went to the Russian Embassy to see if he could find employment and get taken out of the country. This was unsuccessful.
  • Matt: “Was it distasteful? Yeah. Would I do it again? No. I was just kind of thumbing my nose at the United States because I was pissed off they did what they did to me.”
  • Moved to Canada and enrolled in school in Montreal while investigating the citizenship process, essentially looking for a new beginning.   Eventually Matt moved to Prince Edward Island (PEI) to start a welding course.
  • Arrested after crossing the border to get a student visa (see torture section) which is when he was tortured and released after the judge deemed him “no apparent danger”, but was arrested again and jailed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) after they labelled him a Foreign National “engaging in an act of espionage which is against Canada or that is contrary to Canada’s interests”; also interviewed by CSIS and his case was assigned to the security & war crimes unit.
  • 6 detention reviews by immigration and refugee board (IRB) and was ordered to remain in jail after each review.
  • CBSA argues that the “porn” charges don’t allow for him to claim asylum.
  • August 2013: IRB released Matt on strict conditions which included house arrest and GPS tracking devices.
  • Required to report to CBSA every week.
  • Feds tried to slap a gag order on the entire case but were unsuccessful.
  • Arrested again in April, 2014 for an apparent breach of conditions after the DeHarts had to relocate and Matt was supposed to notify CBSA in person which he was unaware of.
  • Years after Matt’s initial arrest, secret national security-labelled documents were obtained where the DOJ admits he is being investigated for espionage yet there is still no mention of child porn. It was also confirmed that his questioning involved online aliases, Anonymous, WoW, the US military, encryption software, etc etc.
  • His computers were seized in PEI after his arrest at the border when the police claimed it was a child porn investigation and his laptop would be sent to Tennessee, but it was actually sent to Washington D.C.
  • He remains in custody with his next court hearing on August 20th.


  • Matt was arrested after crossing the border to the US (Maine) by US border patrol, and taken by the FBI to Immigration and Customs.  He was not allowed to confer with  a lawyer, his parents, or anyone.
  • Matt: “I looked the guy in the eye and said ‘I didn’t do that’, and he said, ‘I know”.
  • Taken to jail and put in segregation
  • Allegedly had an IV drip placed prior to being questioned about Anonymous, Wikileaks, the Russian Embassy, and his connections to the U.S. military, but nothing about child porn.
  • Blacks out and taken to hospital where the doctor made note of “eye discomfort as a result of  possible pesticide exposure and acute mental status changes, psychosis”.
  • Dr: “He appears to be paranoid and delusional with an idea of the FBI monitoring him and accusing him of espionage” (which was true).
  • Diagnosis: Acute Psychosis, tachycardia and tremors “most consistent with possible drug-induced psychosis such as secondary to amphetamines, cocaine and other stimulant medication”. This was 17 hours after his arrest and Matt believes the FBI drugged him.  His contact lenses had also been left in for 36 hours.
  • It was determined that he would require Psychological evaluation and monitoring while incarcerated but there is no record of this. There is  record of Matt’s suicidal behaviors in prison, and more brutal interrogations.
  • Matt: “I absolutely felt tortured. They aren’t attaching electrodes to you, but it’s more insidious. It’s much more insidious.”
  • FBI won’t comment on torture allegations and Matt may be extradited to the U.S. if his case in Canada is not successful.

Matt claims that the torture he experienced at the hands of the FBI would have made him say anything and that the following story is untrue, but this is what the FBI claims Matt told them:

  • He met air men interested in selling military secrets to the Russians. One of them had access to the DoD portal while the other had a relative working in Air Force Special Ops.
  • Matt was going to be their salesman and this is when he visited the Russian Embassy to facilitate this transaction after meeting a Russian contact in Canada.
  • At the embassy, he spoke to a man named Evgeny, who apparently told Matt he would be paid $100,000 per month for good quality information.
  • The FBI also claims that Matt agreed to work with them against the Russians.
  • In between interrogations Matt was allegedly kept in a dry cell with no toilet or sink, and only given food and water during interrogations (and not much).
  • He was only given fluids if he took unknown pills and also claims he had bleach poured on him as well and that it was impossible to sleep because, in jail, ‘the police liked to bang on shit every few minutes to keep you awake’.
  • Matt also says he would be strapped naked to a “submission chair” with a bag over his head, often blacking out and waking up with new bruises, marks, etc.
  • Matt: “I thought I was going to die that week when I was in there and that these people were going to leave me here.  I couldn’t call any of my family members and I couldn’t call a lawyer.  I was incommunicado.  You look forward to talking to the FBI even though you know they are working against you.”
  • Matt’s parents say his voicemail was changed

Mental Illness:

  • Matt struggles with depression and PTSD, and has displayed suicidal behaviors in prison and was forced to wear a suicide smock.
  • He was very heavily medicated in prison to the point he doesn’t feel fit to speak in court.

If you are in the Toronto area, please come out and show your support for Matt and his family on August 16 at 2pm est.