Lulzcart’s statement on Julian Assange arrest

April 18, 2019 by lulzcart

lulzcart-statement-assangeHello world! Some days have passed since Julian Assange was arrested and since then, I have been watching the news all around, including facebook and twitter posts and comments. There is only one conclusion I can get to: people everywhere (most of them, not all) are idolizing Julian Assange…for them he is like a God, and if you try to comment on their posts/pages, and you put a word that they think it’s not ok, they become mad, with a great possibility of having rocks thrown at you (thankfully we are on the interwebz!). Now let me tell you something else:

Julian Assange is not such an extra-mega-gibson-breaker-hacker how most people think of him, although indeed he has some good knowledge about things, but remember he’s not the only one with such knowledge, there are many people out there, even better than him, and I personally know a few which I can’t name here or anywhere else for security reasons.

Now getting back on social media posts and comments, Jeremy Hammond recently made a statement on Assange’s arrest and I saw a lot of people criticizing him, some of them even saying that Jeremy made his statement to indulge the fedz and maybe get some advantages from it…well, I do respect your opinion, and you should also respect mine: you are retarded! I am not defending Jeremy because he is my friend, but because you are making accusations without knowing 100% or even 1% if this is true or not…you don’t even know how many fingers you have on your right hand, to be honest! This is the almost-perfect scenario of internet communism we all don`t want to see! (bleahh)

What Julian Assange achieved in so many years via Wikileaks, indeed, is something! It’s not easy to even keep the thing up and running all this time with so much pressure from everywhere, but also remember that all of this couldn’t have been possible without the help from others, like Manning and etc…because without them, there would be almost nothing to write about, and no big Wikileaks anymore…so everyone is in the same boat!…and to be honest, I personally like Barrett Brown (that damn nut) more than Assange

I have nothing against Assange or Wikileaks, I do respect their great work, but I also respect the work of others that risked their freedom to punish the corrupt governments everywhere, and we should not forget those either, no matter how known or lesser known their names are!…and if you really care about them too, we could use a hand here at Freeanons

That`s all folks!

…and damn, i almost forgot: Fuck SABU….and “mama” aka. @AnonSarab…and the FBI! (sorry guys) :P