Judge Preska’s Order Denying Recusal

February 22, 2013 by Freeanons

The Order in which Judge Preska denies Hammond’s Motion to recuse has been issued.
See here. Also, read our statement, below:

We are Anonymous Solidarity Network. We wouldn’t exist without
Jeremy Hammond, and the other arrested Anonymous, who put
themselves on the front lines to fight, to sacrifice their freedom,
for our foundation, to protect and assist those who wage war for
transparency. Jeremy is a true revolutionary, and for that, he was
designated an adversary by the U.S. government. His arrest
resonated deeply across our ranks, worldwide, hit us in our hearts.
We avenge him to assuage the pain. With every effort to silence
him, we redouble our efforts to network, to use our machines and
ourselves, to penetrate the state and its toxic secrets.

The case against Jeremy Hammond was engineered, and in essence
rigged, by the U.S. National Security State
, in cooperation with
the counterparts at Scotland Yard and Interpol. The narrative of
the U.S. investigation against him, recounted in investigative
articles like “Enemy of the State” by Janet Reitman at Rolling
Stone, makes it clear that Jeremy was targeted by the United States
government for his political beliefs almost a decade ago, and then
finally made a pawn in the U.S. government’s exhaustive, relentless
war against transparency, against anarchists, and against
Wikileaks. The FBI used their tried and true fallback, and bought
cooperation from a snitch to instigate and infiltrate us, in order
to build a case against Jeremy. They hid behind anonymity to make
cases against hacktivists. They orchestrate crimes, and engage in
criminal activity and unconstitutional surveillance, using the same
method they condemn: anonymity.

They have continued their strategy of “win by any cost” by refusing
to acknowledge that Judge Preska is fundamentally biased, and
answers only to the government. This is why Jeremy didn’t get bail
when he was clearly entitled to it. This is why Judge Preska
refuses to recuse herself. The government cannot let this case be
tried fairly, or they will be on trial themselves, and damned
. They
must stack the deck at every opportunity. They must rig
investigations and court proceedings. This is nothing new.
Throughout history, key figures in social movements have been
targeted, in just the same manner.

But Jeremy Hammond stands for the future, and liberation. Every day
we remain free, we fight. And when we are gone, others will follow,
in a never ending stream. We do not fear retribution. We do not
fear jail. We do not expect justice from the state, and anyone who
does has not been paying attention. So if we are to obtain a
measure of justice, we must exact it ourselves
. This is what we do,
as people of conscience.

Jeremy, brother, with every single day you’ve been gone, we’ve
fought. And with every new arrest, people have stepped forward. You
are in our work, our thoughts, and dreams. But those dreams offer
no respite. We will not rest until you, and the others, are free.
We will continue to use every means at our disposal to disrupt
these investigations and prosecutions, because they are the rotten
soul of secrecy
, and serve only to fill our prisons for profit, at
the expense of freedom and transparency.

We want to offer heartfelt thanks to Hammond Support Network, for their
tireless work on Jeremy’s behalf, and their very generous support of FreeAnons
And they have enabled us to assist arrested Anonymous, in Jeremy’s name.
We will never forget that.

In Solidarity.