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We stand in solidarity with Jeremy Hammond!

Jeremy Hammond has been summoned to appear before a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia. As of today, Jeremy is sharing his new home at the William Truesdale Detention Center with courageous grand jury denier Chelsea Manning. We don’t know why Jeremy has been summoned, but the circumstances would suggest that Jeremy is being called to provide testimony against Julian Assange.

Hello world! Some days have passed since Julian Assange was arrested and since then, I have been watching the news all around, including facebook and twitter posts and comments. There is only one conclusion I can get to: people everywhere (most of them, not all) are idolizing Julian Assange…for them he is like a God, and if you try to comment on their posts/pages, and you put a word that they think it’s not ok, they become mad, with a great possibility of having rocks thrown at you (thankfully we are on the interwebz!). Now let me tell you something else:

Sue Crabtree

It’s impossible to find the words to accurately express our grief for the passing of Sue Crabtree. Possibly because it’s so difficult to express what she meant to so many of us and how great of an impact she has had on our lives. Sue was a champion of the persecuted and oppressed, an advocate of the imprisoned, and a friend to Anons the world over. Although she has departed this life her spirit will carry on in the lives of the people that were fortunate enough to have known her. We love you, Sue.

Dear, Ms. Onwuachi-Willig

The new Dean of the Boston University School of Law probably didn’t know that one of its lecturers is persecuting a Rolling Stone-featured human rights activist for defending the life of a child in a wheelchair who was being tortured!