FreeAnons Thanks to Donors and Anonops IRC Network

April 15, 2013 by Freeanons

The Anonymous Solidarity Network would like to offer deep and sincere thanks to all of our donors, who have made it possible to support arrested Anonymous, both in the United States, and in other countries where they face charges. While we realize that a donation system is not ideal, our contributions do make a difference, in a small way, to those who face the burden of arrest. Since our inception, we have collected $7,856.00 in donations through WePay, and approximately $300.00 through mail and btc. Our outlays are as follows:

- Donations to arrested Anonymous: $6,451.00
- Corporation Filing Fees and Yearly Fees: $300.00
- Bank Fees for Checking Account: $155.00
- IRS Taxes 2011, 2012: $370.00
- Hosting, DNS, 2011-2014: $140.00

We would also like to thank Anonops IRC Network. Without the stability of Anonops,  the work of the Anonops server and network admins and network staff, and the #freeanons channels operators, we simply would not be able to continue in our mission. That is a fact. These people, who labor in the network, and in our channel, 24/7, perform a thankless job, at considerable risk to themselves, with very little in the way of tangible reward. We <3 you :)

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