Dennis Collins Sentenced Today

February 21, 2015 by Freeanons

Dennis Collins Sentenced Today

Dennis Collins aka Owen, a defendant in the Payback 13 and Paypal 14 case, was sentenced today in the Eastern District of Virginia for his alleged part in Operation Payback. Dennis Collins was the last defendant to accept the proposed plea deal in this case.

The plea deal was a “One for all and all for one deal”.  All accept the same plea or no one gets the deal. The plea deal carried a maximum sentence of up to one year in jail. Dennis was sentenced to 6 months of home confinement and one year probation. Restitution has yet to be determined but damages claimed to have been as high as 8.7 million dollars. He has yet to face the charges in California for his alleged role in the Paypal 14 case.  No one has ever had to prove these damages for a simple DDoS which is nothing short of outrageous.  Also of note in the plea agreement is that Dennis will not be allowed, at any time, to file a FOIA related to this case.  What is so secret that he cannot request this information?

He is the only defendant left in the PayPal case who has not been able to accept the same plea deal as the others as it could have had a negative impact on the Virginia case. “I never harmed society; I contributed to society,” Collins said when he briefly addressed Judge O’Grady today.

To our very own Owen, we welcome you home with open arms and open hearts and congratulate you on a huge win in Virginia today. One case down and one more to go. FreeAnons will be here to support you until you are once again free from the long arm of the law. We would also like to take a moment to thank the dozens of people who so generously supported Owen throughout this case and thank you for your continued support of FreeAnons.

Dennis has a status conference in California on March 2.  He is unsure if he must be present for this conference and we will keep you updated as to this hearing.

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