Court changes Hammond Bail hearing date to November 20, 2012. Rally Update.

November 17, 2012 by Freeanons

The date for Jeremy Hammond’s court hearing and rally have been delayed a day to November 20, 2012.

Jeremy Hammond, a 27-year old Chicago native, was arrested by the FBI on March 5, 2012. Hammond is accused of taking part in the compromise of Strategic Forecasting, Inc (aka “Stratfor”) computer systems, and providing information to Wikileaks. This information, released by Wikileaks under the name “The Global Intelligence Files,” revealed even further corruption within the U.S. intelligence community- including plans to target and infiltrate domestic popular movements such as Occupy.

We are happy to announce that due to the postponement of Jeremy’s hearing until Tuesday the 20th, Jeremy’s “other mother”, Sue Crabtree, the heart & soul of the Jeremy Hammond Support Network will be available Monday for interviews & to discuss Jeremy’s support network. While we have no doubt that the court’s last minute postponement of Jeremy’s bail hearing is an attempt to quell his growing support we thank the Court for the opportunity to build even wider support for Jeremy. We intend to demonstrate that such attempts to cause hardship on Jeremy’s family, friends, and supporters will prove a failure.

#Freeanons would like to note that this is 2nd Anonymous court case, both scheduled for appearance next week, to be subjected to unexpected and unexplained delay. Please see here for an update on the Christopher Weatherhead trial.