Congratulations to the PayPal 14

October 30, 2014 by Freeanons

Congratulations to the PayPal 14

FreeAnons would like to send congratulations to members of the PayPal 14 whose felonies were dropped today. We know they must be extremely excited and relieved to have many of their freedoms finally returned to them. They have suffered a seemingly never-ending judicial challenge in an effort to demonstrate the validity of online protest and stood directly in the cross-hairs of a system who sought to make examples of them. Restitution, however, is still required to be made and you can make a donation to assist them here:

To the members of the PayPal 14 group who had their felonies dropped today; you are strong activists and all who know you are proud of your commitment and determination in seeing this ordeal to its completion. You have been an amazing team and an inspiration to so many.

While we do not mean to deter from the much deserved celebration, we would also ask that the community please remember Dennis “Owen” Collins who was not able to accept a plea deal in this case or have his restrictions lifted. Dennis remains a defendant in the Payback 13 case as well as the Paypal 14 case. He has recently accepted the same plea deal offered to all defendants in the Payback 13 case and sentencing will be in February. After sentencing in the Payback 13 case, Dennis can address the charges he continues to face in the Paypal case. The difference is now he faces them alone.

Please take a moment as we recognize the efforts of the Paypal 14, to remember Dennis “Owen” Collins who continues to battle the legal system in not only the Paypal case but also the Payback case. If you’d like to assist Owen, FreeAnons has been accepting donations on his behalf and sending them to him. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Owen, we are sure, is very happy for his comrades today. On behalf of Owen, Welcome home Paypal 14 team. With much love from FreeAnons. Up The Rebels!
Donation Campaign for Dennis “Owen” Collins: