Be smart and stay safe!

April 9, 2019 by lulzcart

“We would like to remind everyone not to click links posted to the channel,” is a simple yet effective message with which anyone that has spent time on IRC should be familiar. It serves as a warning, and it says: “Be smart and stay safe.” We are FreeAnons and for years we have witnessed the prosecution of our brothers and sisters. As FreeAnons, counter operations are an important part of our mission. With the recent activities in Ohio, we would like to share a few messages of our own:

1) Misinformation is their weapon. Verify, verify, and then verify again.

2) Be always wary of anyone that advocates for violence. Friends don’t let friends bring bombs to protests, but feds do.

3) Encryption is never excessive. If you don’t know how to use it, ask!

4) Do not speak to law enforcement! Even if you’re innocent of wrongdoing, it will never serve your interests to speak to the police.

5) The cake is a lie, be smart and stay safe!