Many thanks to Atari Teenage Riot

March 6, 2012 by Freeanons

Alec Empire at Atari Teenage Riot tells us the news that he supports the cause at Freeanons, and the story of how this came to be, on the ATR website. We are not going to try to improve on his words, but it is an incredible gesture, that we appreciate with all our hearts. This past week, we received news that arrests had occurred in Greece.

Additionally, there were Interpol coordinated arrests in Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Columbia, against Anonymous. Many of those arrested were juveniles. In Turkey and Romania, we know that there are aggressive investigations proceeding against Anonymous who dare to confront their governments with evidence of their hypocrisy and corruption. And in the U.K. and United States, the court trials against our brothers and sisters continue, unabated.

At Freeanons, we have united to stand against these investigations and prosecutions. Everyday, we return to do a little bit more. But today, in the midst of all the determination, fear, and obstacles, we received another kind message of support. To ATR, Alec Empire, our friend Homocarnula, and all the donors and supporters who managed, by whatever means necessary, to commit to us, Freeanons offers heartfelt thanks.