Anonymous Donor Offers to Match Donations up to $1,000.00 to FreeAnons

October 31, 2014 by Freeanons

Anonymous Donor Offers to Match Donations up to $1,000.00 to FreeAnons

FreeAnons is very excited to announce that an incredibly generous donor who wishes to retain their anonymity has offered to match donations up to $1,000.00 to assist Anons facing persecution. This comes at a time when help is truly needed. We are doing our best to provide assistance to Dennis “Owen” Collins, a defendant who continues to fight prosecution in the PayPal 14 and the Payback 13 cases. FreeAnons is also working with two recent raids and providing support to those individuals in the most critical of times. We continue to grow as a network of volunteers dedicated to supporting Anons worldwide facing persecution. We have been humbled by your support and know well that we have become a means for many of you to express your support and admiration for the sacrifice and dedication many Anons have made. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

The anonymous donor has agreed to match any funds that are donated, up to $1,000.00, within the next week. If you are able to make a donation of any denomination, please do. We will do our best to keep you all up to date with the campaign via our twitter account @FreeAnons in the coming week.

To the anonymous donor, we thank you for your support of our beloved Anons.

Remember, you cannot arrest an idea. We are FreeAnons and until every Anon is free we will attest to the Anonymous creed, “We do not forgive. We do not forget.”