All Eyes Are On You, Alex Poucher

March 2, 2015 by Freeanons

All Eyes Are On You, Alex Poucher

Freeanons was contacted by Alex Poucher on Sunday, February 21 requesting assistance with his Gofundme campaign for the 3 years in prison and $12,000 in fines he claims he is facing for his actions in Ferguson, MO. A member of FreeAnons offered to spend the day on Monday assisting Alex in locating legal representation for his upcoming court hearing on Tuesday, February 24. Alex made no attempt to be present for a scheduled online meeting with Freeanons representatives. When asked afterwards why he had not complied with the simple request to meet at the agreed time, his combative demeanor belittled the actions of someone reaching out, reacting without reason and rancor at those who simply reached out to help him. When Poucher did not make himself available for this meeting, and failed to contact us, an activist and researcher from FreeAnons began investigating Poucher and his claims. What we found out was nothing less than shocking and in direct conflict with statements made by Mr. Poucher.

What first caught our attention was a pastebin entitled ‘Who is Alex Poucher?’ Of course, the bio seemed very familiar to the investigating group and a simple search revealed exactly whose bio this was: The bio of our much loved Ytcracker- The bio of Alex Poucher is a downright plagiarized copy nearly word for word from the wikipedia bio of Ytcracker.

So, ask yourself, could someone else have made that bio about Alex and put it out there as a means to discredit Alex? We thought of that same thing and so we went to Alex and asked him about the pastebin. This is what we were provided by Alex regarding this paste:,QkDl3lZ,q0ElhSH,PPL6We3#0

Further investigation in to his fundraising practices revealed that Alex Poucher is not raising funds for legal needs. He is in fact bragging about using them for pocket change, food, gas, etc… as evidenced by the following:

In addition, Alex fancies himself a very important individual in the world of Anonymous. Claiming that the collective is not a ‘leaderless’, but a ‘leaderful’ one, a demagogue-tinged statement when one reads his complete lack of respect and vitriol at his fellow ‘anons’ merely inquiring about his background in order to help him (he contacted us, not the other way around).

Soon after we began to question Alex Poucher and his actions, the following image was used by Alex to promote his fundraising campaign: Yes, Alex feels that he is equal to our freedom fighters/whistleblowers who while human, did not revolve around a cult of personality, and they remain imprisoned by their government. Even more appalling was the unauthorized use of FreeAnons logos being used in the image which has been used to legitimately fund incarcerated anons facing serious charges. Alex was contacted regarding the use of the FreeAnons logo to legitimize his fundraising actions (which have been determined to be questionable at best at this point). He was asked to remove the logo and to refrain from the use of it as this minimal investigation raised many questions about this individual, none of which would FreeAnons choose to be associated with. Our request was met with a prompt “fuck off”, followed by an argument completely bereft of logic or reason, a purely emotive gut reaction of belligerence and disrespect towards an organization that prides itself on holding standards becoming the efforts and sacrifices of those facing and doing legitimately serious time.

You will also note that Alex is using the same image on his donation campaign site which we will not promote but have provided an image of here, which at this point is being used completely without a lack of empathy for what it stands for:

The following statement explains why we do not condone the behaviors of Alex Poucher and most certainly do not support his fundraising efforts: “FreeAnons believes that activism is crucial to change no matter what form it takes. Our ultimate goal is to be able to assist all arrested Anons and ensure they have effective legal counsel and support to fight their charges. As with any support organization, there are times when we find ourselves having to refrain from support for one reason or another. FreeAnons believes strongly in solidarity and camaraderie with co-defendants. It’s a “one for all and all for one” world we live in when it comes to arrest. In December, 2014, 5 members of Anonymous were arrested in Ferguson, Mo following a protest at Walmart. They appeared in court for an arraignment today and were charged with Failure to Disperse and Unlawful Assembly. All have court dates pending so no date has been provided at the time of this writing. With this in mind, we feel a need to mention one defendant involved in this action: Alex Poucher came to FreeAnons requesting support. A small review of Alex’s past raised some concerns with members of FreeAnons and we felt it was best if we awaited his court case today to determine how best we are able to provide support Alex’s claim that he faces up to 3 years in prison with substantial fines for his actions in Ferguson. Since there were 4 other individuals in the car at the time of arrest our interest was in all 4 defendants and whether all were facing equal jail time. Before we were actually able to agree to help Alex, we began to see art bearing the FreeAnons logo which was being used to raise funds for what Alex described as legal fees ($3,000 dollars per misdemeanor charge to total $12,000.00). After further review of Alex’s own Facebook page, he explained (claiming his words were ‘photoshopped’) that these funds were/are being used for food, gas etc… but legal fees were not mentioned. At this time, FreeAnons has not supported the fundraising efforts of Mr. Poucher simply due to the fact that this individual seems to have lost sight of solidarity showing a complete lack of respect for those that are only here to help, not hinder, and has spent more time defending himself (that he is being ‘slandered’ and attacked because of ‘haters’) and his own needs. This is in direct conflict with our beliefs and for this reason, FreeAnons must stand down. To all of the defendants involved in this case; If you require assistance locating legal services, we are honored to provide this type of help but we are not able to promote any fundraising projects.”

We also learned that Alex has been sharing the following image of which he states is an assault perpetrated on a young lady by one of his co-defendants: Further investigation in to the image that Alex made about a comrade he was arrested with proves that this accusation is false. The real story of the assault on this young lady can be found here:

Alex has spent the last several weeks famewhoring himself to anyone who pays attention to him with no mention of his comrades who were arrested with him. Instead, he spearheads campaigns to smear the names of his comrades all while fraudulently filling his coffers with the funds from sympathetic supporters who truly believe that Alex will go to jail for 3 years if they don’t supply him with financial assistance.

This is what we know about Alex and his case: Alex was charged with 2 misdemeanor charges: Failure to Disperse and Unlawful Assembly. Alex claims that an attorney is requesting $3,000.00 per charge to equal $12,000.00. Do the math and tell me how 2 charges at $3,000.00 each equates to $12,000.00. At no time has he shown a shred of concern for his comrades and offered no evidence that he intends to stand with his comrades to assist with fines when the time comes.

We fly the FreeAnons flag at half staff in honor of those Anons who have given up their freedom for the freedom of all. Alex Poucher, you are free from the bars that bind the ones you claim equality with. You have altered images made for a jailed Anons . When this was brought to your attention, you reacted with the rancor and rage of someone who hold themselves against a mighty high bar apparently, seeming to single-handedly speak for fallen brothers who are not here to speak for themselves, what FreeAnons means to them. Your infantile diatribes attempting to justify a menial behavior when you apparently have all eyes on you, speaks of someone who would think and act against the very grain of what the collective is attempting to do, namely to signal in an era of camaraderie and unification of ideals of community and free-bridle thought, to speak your peace against the powers that be, to revel in the burgeoning culture wars that we find ourselves in the trenches of, to truly be a force for change and move the whole damn evolutionary kitten-caboodle a cubit or two forward, which you are so happy to engage against, telling a member of FreeAnons to “fuck off” and generally showing your true colors mate. Your actions are intolerable and your lack of solidarity with your comrades is sickening. Your actions will no longer be tolerated and you will no longer continue to reach out to legitimate reporters and make them victims in your fundraising schemes. You have the attention you have so desperately been seeking. You asked for a feature article on FreeAnons. As per your request, you now have your featured article. Enjoy it.
We are FreeAnons and our respect is for our fallen