A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond

August 14, 2013 by Freeanons

Free Barrett Brown and the Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee are collaborating to produce a night to jointly raise funds for the legal expenses of these two prominent internet activists. All proceeds will be split evenly between the two and will directly benefit barrett’s legal team and jeremy’s jail support fund.

This is a fundraiser event and variety show with notable speakers, musical performances, and the auctioning of items. Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond, whose cases are connected, are known for exposing the illegal private spying done by Stratfor, and for their association with Anonymous. Barrett faces up to 105 years in prison and is awaiting trial, while Jeremy faces up to 10 years after taking a non-cooperating plea agreement.

- When: Monday, August 19th 2013 – 6PM to 11PM.

- Where: ThoughtWorks NYC – 99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor.
- Max capacity : 80 people. Admission : $20 minimum.

- Speakers: Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights, attorney for WikiLeaks), Jay Leiderman (Attorney who has defended members of Anonymous), Tor Ekeland (Attorney for weev, convicted under CFAA), Kevin Gallagher (Director of Free Barrett Brown), Emily Kunstler (from Jeremy’s legal team, with a statement from Jeremy), Alexa O’Brien (Journalist covering the Bradley Manning trial, by video), Glenn Greenwald (Journalist who broke NSA stories, by video) To be announced…

- Performers: Arthur Smilios (of The Gorilla Biscuits)
- Anthony Atamanuik (UCB Theatre/MTV/30 Rock). To be announced…

- Auction items: Art by Shepard Fairey, Glen Friedman, Molly Crabapple.
- A signed guitar from Dave Navarro. To be announced…

Shepard Fairey: I have complained about the war on whistleblowers several times, but here I go again. History is littered with examples of people who were persecuted/prosecuted for acts that society later considered noble and are now highly regarded as stands for the greater good. Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown are suffering for trying to alert the public to things that should not be secret. Read more about them and support justice and this fundraiser. I donated some prints.

  • You can contribute to Barrett’s cause by visiting freebarrettbrown.org.
  • You can contribute to Jeremy’s cause by visiting freejeremy.net.
  • Letter writing campaign of the Anonymous Solidarity Network
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